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Bibliographic indication for the study of Ecology

Bibliography - Indication of Ecology books:

Fundamentals of Ecology

Author: Odum, Eugene P .; Barrett, Gary W.

Publisher: Thomson Pioneer

The Three Ecologies

Author: Guattari, Felix

Publisher: Papirus

City Ecology - Challenges Collection

Author: Branco, Samuel Murgel

Publisher: Moderna

Ecology, Globalization, Spirituality

Author: Boff, Leonardo

Publisher: Record


Author: Odum, Eugene P

Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

The Earth in Balance - Ecology and the Human Spirit

Author: Gore, Al

Publisher: Global

Ecology - From Individuals to Ecosystems

Author: Harper, John L .; Begon, Michael; Townsend, Colin R.

Publisher: Artmed

What is Ecology - First Steps Collection

Author: Lago, Antonio

Publisher: Brasiliense

Introduction to Behavioral Ecology

Author: Davies; KREBS

Publisher: Atheneu SP

Ecology in Small Steps - Small Steps Collection

Author: Michel, Francois

Publisher: Nacional