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Biologist: A Broad Acting Professional

Professional Performance of Biologist

The biologist is a graduate of the Biological Sciences course and can work professionally in several areas. The biologist can work in various research areas at universities, pharmaceutical industries, zoos and research institutes.

The biologist may also provide advisory services in the environmental area of ​​companies. This area is currently expanding and should present great opportunities for these professionals.

Some biologists also work in the teaching field, such as high school or university teachers.

There is also a field of work for the biologist in clinical analysis laboratories, forest parks and museums focused on biology.

Key skills and abilities required

It is of fundamental importance that the future biologist likes to study animals, plants and everything related to life. Interest in science and research is also of great value to this professional. For those who intend to work in the educational area, they need to have the will and vocation to teach.


After graduation, the biologist can take specialization courses in various areas, such as Zoology, Animal Science, Genetic Engineering, Marine Biology, Cellular Biology, Botany (plant studies), Ecology and Environment, etc.

Biologist's main areas of expertise:

- Environmental management

- Ecotoxicology

- Ecotourism (eco tourism)

- Studies and research related to the environment

- Environmental management (river basins, parks, effluents, botanical gardens, etc.)

- Landscaping and Gardening

- Environmental control and licensing

- Recovery and reforestation of degraded environments

- Bioinformatics

- Genetic engineering

- Genomics

- Environmental Technology

- Environmental and animal genetic improvement

- Assisted human reproduction

- Forensic Biology

- Blood bank

- Cytopathology

- Health Surveillance


- The Biologist Day is celebrated on September 3rd.

Biologist's Oath

"I swear by my faith and honor and in accordance with the ethical principles of the biologist, to exercise my professional activities honestly, in defense of life, stimulating scientific, technological and humanistic development with justice and peace."

Biologist: A professional dedicated to the experiences, studies and discoveries about everything that has life.