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Lobster: Crustacean Example

What they are - biological definition

Crustaceans are invertebrate animals and belong to the class of arthropods. This classification includes beings that have articulated legs but no backbone. Also in this category are barnacles (found in coastal ecosystems), shrimp, lobster and crab.

Important information and characteristics of crustaceans

Most crustaceans live in the sea, but there are some species of crabs that are also capable of living in the terrestrial environment. The buzzard (also known as tatuzinho), easily found in home gardens, is also part of this class.

Almost all beings of this species are born from eggs, most of which go through an intermediate phase through which they are very different from the animals they grow into as adults. When they reach adulthood, they cover themselves with a thick shell (carapace). Subsequently, these shells undergo a natural process of change and replacement.

The smallest crustacean in nature is the water flea, whose size is so small that it can barely be seen with the naked eye. The largest of these is a crab, found in Japan, as it has very large legs and these allow it to move at great speed.

Smaller crustaceans feed many fish, especially when they are still in their larval form; At this stage they are devoured in large quantities by some species of whales. They prefer to feed on shrimps, which also feed on other types of crustaceans. In this way the balance of the food chain in the aquatic ecosystem is maintained.

Scientific classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Subfilo: Crustacea

Biological Curiosities:

- The word crustacean originates from Latin, where crusta means hard shell.

- The heart of the shrimp, one of the best known crustaceans, is located in the head of the animal.

Carcinology is the branch of zoology that studies crustaceans.

Crab: A well known crustacean.