Animal Collectives

Animal Collectives

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Pack: wolf collective


There are names that designate a set of animals of the same species. These names are the collective ones. Listed below is a list of the most common collectives.

Collective - Animals

Pack - Wolves, Lions and Hyenas

Arment - Cows and Buffaloes

Flock - monkeys, vultures and birds in general

Camila - Camels

Chafardel - Sheep

Bunch - Cats

Canzoada - dogs

Chapel - Monkeys

Shoal - Fish

Beehive - Bees

Cologne - Ants

Swarm - Bees, Wasps and Hornets

Goats Costume

Anthill - Ants

Gansaral - Geese

Mottled - Wild Boars and Sheep

Herd - oxen, buffalo, zebras, cows and elephants

Pack - dogs, hunting dogs

Myriad - Insects

Mosquito or Mosquito - Flies

Cloud - Grasshoppers

Ovary - Sheep

Panapana - Butterflies

Shoal - Fish

Piara - Mares

Squad - horses

Tip - Mules

Flock or Ovary - Sheep

Reina - donkeys and beasts of burden

Troop - Horses, Donkeys and Donkeys

Stick - Pigs