Carbohydrate Sources

Carbohydrate Sources

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Pasta: Carbohydrate Source

Top Carbohydrate Sources (Examples of High Carbohydrate Foods)

- Breads

- Pasta and other pasta (lasagna, cannelloni, etc.)

- Snacks made with wheat flour (drumstick, pastel, fogazza, etc).

- Cakes

- Pizza

- rice

- corn

- Oats

- Potato

- Manioc

- Mandioquinha

- honey

- Fructose (fruit sugar)

- Luscious

- Oats

- Cornstarch (example: cornstarch)

- Barley

- Corn-based morning cereals (example: Cornflakes)

- Face

- Yam

- Baroa Potato

- Cassava flour

- Cornflour

- Cookies