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Bibliographic indication for the study of Parasites

Bibliography (indication of books on Parasites):

Internal Parasite Control Guide

Author: Kohek Jr, Ivo

Publisher: Nobel

Themes: Animal Science, Veterinary

Parasitology - Parasites and Parasitic Diseases

Author: Rey, Luis

Publisher: Guanabara

Themes: Medicine, Health, Infectious Diseases, Parasitology

Parasitology Manual

Author: Berenguer, Jaime Gallego

Publisher: Argos

Themes: Medicine, Health, Clinical Pathology

Parasitological Fables

Author: Linardi, Pedro Marcos

Publisher: New Concept

Themes: Medicine, Public Health, Biology

Infectious and parasitic diseases

Author: Verosesi, Ricardo

Publisher: Guanabara

Themes: Health, Medicine, Parasitology, Biology

Contribution to the Study of Vertebrate Parasite Helminths

Author: Cruz e Silva, J. A.

Publisher: Lisbon

Themes: Medicine, Parasitology, Health

Veterinary Parasitology - Volume 1

Author: Leitão, J. da Silva

Publisher: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


What we all should know: animal and plant parasites

Author: Barroso, Sebastião

Publisher: Catilina

Themes: Parasitology, Health